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Tonight I'm Goin' Over the Stars

So let me die in peace

Lady Darkness ~aka~ Bubbles
21 October
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My name is Ashley
you can Call me: Freak, Lady Darkness, Bubbles, or Ash
I like Resident Evil
My Fav. Author is Sujata Massey
my Fav. manga-ka is Rie Takada
My favorite color is Purple
I love to dye my hair.
I can Be Bitchy and Violent when i need to.
I get Jealous pretty Easily.
I'm still an okay person if you get to know me
I like Final Fantasy and Anime.
I'm always willing to meet more people.

I'm not sorry If you hate me cause I'm not a fucking Scenester like you, or fucking "HxC" like most of you arent. I am ME. I also don't care what the hell you say about me or the way i look or dress. Cause that ussualy means your not the hot shit you think you are.

Why don't you take a look in the mirror before judging someone, huh?

Marriage is love.